Product Information

We are not currently taking orders. You may look, but new orders are not being considered for a time.

Retractable Art Reels:  We offer a  selection of retractable reels that fasten via the  traditional  “belt-clip design” or  the powerful  “dual magnet-back option.”  The choice is yours.  Belt clips work great on collars, pockets, lanyards or waistbands.  The magnetic style is best worn on the shoulder to keep your I.D. at eye level.  Our art reels get noticed and allow you to “sparkle while you work.”   Each reel is top quality!  

Magnetic Eyeglass & Badge HoldersOur bright collection of upbeat and professional holders fasten with  super strong neodymium magnets. This is a fun, functional way to accessorize with your eyeglasses or I.D. badge which won’t put holes in your clothes.  Leave constricting lanyards, sharp pins, and eyeglass chains behind.  These handmade works are stylish and durable.  Truly, jewelry that does a job!

CautionThese magnets are powerful and not recommended to be used or worn with pacemakers.

Beach Earrings:  A subtle selection of hues evoke seaside images representing the ever shifting skies of day or night. Vivid glitters, paints & powders, glass, beach sand, and tiny charms encompass my lively palette. As all works are hand-crafted, slight shifts in color and patina will occur rendering each piece happily unique.  My bezels, etched with hugs and kisses, are 100% lead-free metal cast in the USA.  Each pair is hung on lightweight, body friendly, titanium ear wires.