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Hi Lisa.  I met you in Deerfield and you sold me my eyeglass holder-it is the best thing I ever bought !  I have given your e-mail address to at least 10 people so far, as they love my holder.  Today I went to the doctors office and all the girls took your e-mail…Judith

Lisa,  Your holders are a BIG hit here.  It is wonderful to see so many folks wearing them.  They are sooooo beautiful People are ga-ga over them…Thank you again for everything.  Both yourself and Jon… Lisa H

Jon & Lisa’s customer service is terrific ! The inventive product line excites the staff.  We’ve sold several hundred in the first few months….Julianne C.-Maine Medical Center

Lisa Bess badge holders have been a huge success for us.  Since our first order in 2010 we have sold over 1,200.  Whenever we run out of them I think our market is saturated, but our volunteer cashiers and Shop Manager repeatedly tell me that people constantly come in and ask when we will be getting more. That fact that Lisa Bess is a New England based company that provides us with practically next day delivery is an added bonus.  Karen T.- Dartmouth Hitchcock M.C. April 2012

I can’t wait to give my sister her Dragonfly eyeglass holder. It will make her feel so much more fashionable wearing her reading glasses.  You are wonderfully creative.  I look forward to buying myself one….Shelby

I love your work, they are true name tag treasures. Thank you.  Shannon

Thank you so much!!  That’s great customer service.  Heidi

Your magnet badge holders are so awesome I am showing them to all my co-workers…L J

I love your product and wear the same badge holder daily. Thanks very much!

It truly is a pleasure to meet a business owner who is willing to go above and beyond! Your products are catching on here on MA South Coast.  Congratulations!…Pam

Got the new holder yesterday.  Thanks so much for backing up your work….Polly

Hi!  I love my new badge holder! It’s perfect!  And so quick! 😮  Thank you so so much!….Kate

First off, I want to tell you how beautiful all the badge clips are – it was fun to see all of the designs in person when they arrived!  I think staff are pleased with them.  Thank you so much for the quick order fulfillment!…..Jess

Just wanted to let you know the badge holders arrived, and they are GORGEOUS!!! Really, so thrilled – thank you very, very much for your beautiful handiwork – I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated by our members! all the best,….Robin
Hi Lisa,Thank you so much for responding to our inquiry so quickly; it is very much appreciated. I absolutely love my hummingbird holder, and a couple of us are actually thinking of ordering different designs.  We get compliments on them all over the hospital where we work.  I think you may be getting some more business; I keep giving out your website.  Thank you again for your prompt response, and such good customer service.  Mary

Thanks for beauty…Joan

 Hi -I just wanted to let you know that when I was shopping wearing my eyeglass holder that has a dog house and star with blue background, they asked about it.  I gave them your information and told them I had several dog-related ones. – everyone LOVES that one. They will probably contact you, because the owner was there and loved it…..Cynthia

Thank you so much for helping us with our I.D. dilemma !  I can’t wait to see everyone’s expression when they get their order !  Sincerely,  Gina