About Lisa

My true adventure as a maker began at age seven as a “Brownie” in the Girl Scouts. A project involving gluing twigs,buttons,lentils and seeds onto plywood scraps completely engulfed my young mind.  After that day, I was devoted to collecting bits of yarn, colored telephone wire, paint, pebbles, leather scraps, and bright thread.  An obsession had begun and I had little working hands covered in pitch, paint, and glitter to prove it.

Expressing myself through such textural materials carried me into a consuming career.  I designed, built, and painted theatrical scenery, masks and props. This was a splendid decade for me until jewelry making caught my attention!

In 1996 I created a whimsical booth and began filling it with my idea of fun, affordable adornments.  Producing these upbeat pieces from new, found, natural & recyclable objects was an absolute thrill.  My aim as a maker of wearable works has always been to infuse humor, spirit, and fabulous color into every piece!