Welcome to the world of “Happy Jewelry that does a Job!”

My bright collection of upbeat and professional Magnetic Eyeglass & ID Badge Holders fasten with super strong neodymium magnets. These handmade works are stylish and durable. Wear your glasses or badge securely with ease.

Position the magnet inside your clothing with the “button” side facing out. Center the holder on the outside. Voila! Fashion magnets hold tight. Slide specs into the loop or clip on your ID. Customers gladly opt out of lanyards, break free of eyeglass chains, and leave the pinholes, straps, and contraptions behind. Eyeglasses and badges are out of the way, but not out of reach, truly, jewelry that does a job! The hunt is over…….Glasses Found!

Dual neodymium magnet technology is POWERFUL and an excellent choice for garments like scrubs, fleece, and denim. Wonderfully thick coats, dense vests, and heavy sweaters are great choices too, they just need to be tested.

Creating upbeat and useful jewelry delights me. Infusing spirit, sparkle, and fabulous color into each piece is my aim. A mixed and magical array of components fuels my passion! Vivid glitters, glass, tiny stars, beach stones, twigs, sand, charms, vintage buttons, paints and powders encompass my lively palette. These mini and micro materials are bound together with love and a non-toxic epoxy of industrial strength.

All holders are hand-crafted individually. Variations and slight shifts in color, texture, and patina will occur, rendering each piece happily unique! I’ve been proudly solving people’s Eyeglass & ID placement dilemma since 1999.

Magnetic Eyeglass/ID Badge Holders measure 1” wide by 1 3/8” tall. The bezel is a guaranteed lead-free white metal with a soldered brass ring. The setting is plated in a quality silver or gold tone.

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***My holders ship safely in expressively labeled, anti-static, up-cycled 3ML Foil Bags inside a Bubble Wrap Mailer as shown above

**CAUTION: Neodymium magnets are POWERFUL and not intended to be worn or used near pacemakers or sensitive electronics.