Wearing Guidelines


MoreWEB 004 Magnetic Holders and Reels: Position the magnet inside your clothing with the “button” side facing outward.  Center the holder or reel on the outside (of clothing).  Voila, the two pieces are drawn together. 

For I.D. use, simply clip your badge onto the MoreWEB 003loop.  For eye wear, fold one eyeglass arm shut and slip the other into the loop.  Out of the way, but not out of reach, our holders are easy to use and enjoy.

Clothing Options:  Dual neodymium magnet technology is POWERFUL and an excellent choice for garments like scrubs, fleece, and denim. Wonderfully thick coats, dense vests, and heavy sweaters are great choices too, they just need to be tested.

Product Variations:  All items are hand crafted individually.  Slight shifts in color, texture, and patina will occur, rendering each piece unique.

Caution. These magnets are powerful and not recommended to be used or worn with pacemakers.